What is Causing Your Mouth to Smell Like a Garbage Can

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Combating halitosis in Wicker Park, IL, is a BILLION DOLLAR business. There are all kinds of products out there that claim that they remove bad breath.

I’m here to give you the skinny on caca breath and what produces it.

The main culprit of bad breath is bacteria. When the bacteria count in your mouth is high then this will cause malodor from your mouth.

The key to fighting bad breath is reducing the bacteria count and let me show you how you could destroy the bacteria levels.


  • Dry Mouth


Our society prescribes medications for everything. Many of those medications reduce saliva production thus causing dry mouth.

Why is saliva so important?

Saliva has bacteria killing enzymes that destroy the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.

If we take medications that reduce the saliva flow, then many times this causes bad breath.

Also certain mouth rinses that contain alcohol, which dries out the mouth, will cause halitosis in Wicker Park, IL.

Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is important to keeping your breath fresh.


    1. Cleaning your tongue and flossing


Most of the bad breath bacteria live on your tongue.

Therefore the tongue must be cleaned daily.

The best way to clean the tongue is to use a tongue scraper. The tongue scraper that I love is the Tongue Sweeper. It’s very low and allows you to clean the back of your tongue without gagging.

Also, It’s metallic and is very easy to clean. Some people will place it in the dish washer on a weekly basis to keep it nice and clean.

Another area that people neglect is cleaning between their teeth with floss. Food will get trapped between your teeth and this will attract bacteria thus causing bad breath.

Just do this. Floss your teeth and then smell the floss. If a foul odor comes from the floss then it is producing a foul order in your mouth.


    1. Gum disease


Gum disease is an infection of the gums and bone that hold the teeth in place. When the bacteria begins to destroy the gums and bone this will cause a very bad odor.

Gum disease must be treated to remove the bad odor. This is done by providing the patient with a in-depth cleaning the removes bacteria from the teeth and gums. And sometimes hitting the patient with some antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria.

These patients with gum disease are sometimes required to come in every 3 months for their cleanings to keep the bacteria in check.


    1. GI issues


Sometimes stomach problems like gastric reflux will cause the patient to experience bad breath.

If you are experiencing bad breath and have been told by your dentist that it’s not dentally related then you should go to your physician to see if it’s medically related.


    1. Sugar


Many times people will reach for a mint when they have halitosis in Wicker Park, IL. In the short term this will help but many of these mints have large amounts of sugar.

Sugar is fuel for the bacteria and actually increase the bacteria count that produces bad breath.

A nice substitute is a xylitol candy or mint. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that actually kills bad breath producing bacteria.


    1. Food


Certain foods help produce bad breath. Everyone is familiar garlic and onions could leave a lingering smell. But foods like eggs and milk have a delayed reactions. Sulfur compounds cause the bacteria to multiply well after the food has been eaten.

Keeping a food diary might be helpful to see which foods are producing the foul mouth odor.

Hope this information is helpful.


Floss Like a Madman!

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