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Coach Gary

As many of you know, my son, Finn, is playing football. He got lucky and got on a very good team. Their record is currently 6 and 0. Six wins and zero losses.

He loves playing on his team. He’s been on a lot of sports teams and this one, by far, is the closest group he’s ever played with.

The kids are really good kids, but the coaches are what makes this team so great. Gary is Finn’s head coach and actually the head of the entire program.

This program runs from 3rd grade all the way up to 8th grade. They have flag and tackle football. They also have a cheerleading program.

All together there are 700 kids involved in the entire program. Gary runs the whole thing. He started with the Lyons Football Club 7 years ago, when his own son played in the program.

He was his son’s coach and once his son moved onto the high school level, Gary continued to coach because he loved it so much.

His coaching style is tough but fair. For example, he expects all his players to be at practice. If you miss a practice, you can’t play in the game that week.

But one thing that I’ve noticed from Gary, is that he’s very good at building up the players confidence. He tells his players a list of things that they do amazingly well, before he throws in a recommendation on how to improve their game.

For example, he’ll say something like, “Finn, you’re the most athletic kids on this team. You should not be missing that tackle.”

Then all of a sudden Finn begins playing better because of the coach’s praise.

Whenever mistakes are made, Gary is right there building up the boy’s confidence. He’s a master at it.

The boys love him and love playing for him. They love playing football because Gary has made it fun and such a positive experience for them.

When you’re a kid, having a good positive experience, will usually determine how you feel about that subject into your adulthood. If you have a bad experience as a kid, this will also follow you into adulthood.

We see this in dentistry all the time. We’ll see patients that have had traumatic dental experiences and develop a dental phobia.

These patients do extremely well with Anxiety Free Dentistry.

These patients are given anxiety reducing medication that helps them experience a stress-free dental appointment.

They will tell us how their anxiety is getting better with each visit. Better experience equals better results.

If you are ready to experience Anxiety Free Dentistry, visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your consultation today!

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Emilio “Football Wins” Couret

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“I’ve been seeing Dr. Couret for my dental needs for years–before he began his own office even. From Day 1–he was amazing. After years with no dental insurance, I needed a lot of work done, and was insanely anxious. Dr. Couret is an expert at putting you at ease and making you feel at home. And he seems to take the time needed to ensure his staff does the same. My teeth look amazing, and you will not find a more caring, comforting team in Chicago. They take the time to not just check your teeth, but to check of any issues that might arise, including cancers that other doctors may overlook. My husband and I are in the middle of planning a long-distance move, and I can’t even begin to think about finding a new dentist. Especially one that can live up to the standard Dr. Couret and his team have set.”
Ellie B.
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