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alicia review
I’ve been a patient of Dr Couret’s for the last ten years. For years I have been embarrassed of my smile. I disliked the rainbow of colors and shapes of my teeth. Things did not look symmetrical.

I was insecure when I smiled. I would never smile big because I didn’t want people looking at my teeth.

Then I broke my front tooth. Dr Couret and I then began a conversation as to how I could enhance my smile. I loved it because it was a two way conversation. I felt part of the process because this is how Dr Couret comes up an ideal treatment every time. It’s a two way street and I appreciate that.

So he kept asking me questions until we finally came up with the things I did not like about my smile. It was mostly the lack of uniform color, and the shape and size of my teeth.

Dr Couret then suggested on making a mock up of the teeth and transferring that mock up into my mouth. I loved that because now I was able to see what my teeth were going to look and feel like before I purchased them. Also, I was able to get my families opinion and make the necessary adjustments on the temporaries before we moved forward with the final veneers. This felt very safe and predictable.

The day I received my permanent teeth I was elated. My teeth looked very natural. The color and shape of the permanent veneers looked like my natural teeth. Everything blended well. All in all I was very happy.

It’s been about 1 month since I received my new smile. My speaking and eating is totally normal. From the first day they felt like they were mine. Thank you so much Dr Couret for restoring my smile and my confidence.

Thank You,

anibal review
I hated the darkness of my old crowns along the gum line. I hated the way those two crowns looked and wanted Dr Couret to change them.

When I approached Dr. Couret about my concern he then asked me what I thought of the rest of my smile. I thought the rest of my smile was fine. Then he brought to my attention that I showed a lot of gums when I smiled and that made my teeth look small. I then replied that my whole family has small teeth and that is a family trait.

Dr Couret informed me that for a guy my height I should have longer teeth. But I wasn’t buying it. So he asked me that if he made me some fake teeth that could easily go over my natural teeth. This way I could see the longer teeth in my face before we did anything.

Once I placed the fake teeth over my natural teeth I instantly saw what DrCouret meant.

Improving my smile was one of the best things that I have done. I am so happy that I went forward with the transformation.

Thank You,

I have been Dr Couret’s patient for about 5 years. I was recommended by a friend who was seeing him.

My front tooth had a fracture init and it was repaired with bonding. At first the bonding looked great but over time it would begin to stain.I had the bonding replaced several times. Every 5 years or so.

The stained front tooth bothered me mostly in photos. Whenever I would take a photo is when I noticed it.

So I asked Dr Couret what we could do about my stain. Also,I thought my teeth looked worn so I wanted to make them longer.

He recommended getting veneers. The part that I liked about the process was he made some prototypes of what my teeth were going to look like. I showed my mom the prototypes and she immediately said, “ Get them!”

I knew if my mom liked them I knew it was going to be great.

I got the permanent veneer placed and they look great. They look very natural. No one could tell I had any work done.To me that’s the epitome of good cosmetic work.

I am so happy that I did it and now I am confidently smiling in photos.

Thank you,
Dr Couret and Team

elva review
I’ve been a patient of Emilio’s for a very long time. He has been taking care of me and my entire family all that time.

He has fixed my entire mouth. My front teeth have been an issue since I was a little girl. I used to suck on lemons and this destroyed my enamel. This made my teeth very thin and I hated the way they looked.

I was also very worried that my teeth were going to break each time I bit into a hard piece of food. My front teeth were so thin and almost transparent.

Years ago, Emilio and I, decided to bonding on the front teeth. This was going to reinforce the teeth and help with the cosmetics. I loved the way they looked. But about every few years we would need to redo the bonding.

I was satisfied with the results and was ok with changing them out every few years.

But one day when I came in with a fractured bonding Emilio explained that we could do a longer lasting solution.

I have been going to Emilio for a long time so I trusted him. He said he could make a prototype and place it on my existing teeth so I could see what it would look.

So I said, “let’s do it.”

He placed the prototype on my teeth and we glues them in. I was able to go home with them and show my family. My daughters loved them and I called him and told him I wanted to move forward with the veneers.

We placed the veneers and I was very happy with the final outcome.

It gave me confidence in my smile. I’ve never been happy with my smile. But now I love it.

I am so happy I did it and would do it again.

Elva C
Owner of Cleaning Service

maria review
I used to get all of my dentistry done in Mexico. I never thought I could afford the dentistry that I needed in the United States. So I had a great deal of work done in Mexico. My entire mouth to be exact. And it wasn’t cheap but a lot less than the US.

After I was done with the extensive work, I began having problems. I would be eating and my tooth would come out. Then I would need to fly to Mexico, and the dentist would cement it. This happened a few times. I was very nervous every time I ate because I wasn’t sure if I was going to end up with my teeth in my hand.

My daughter convinced me to get my work done here in Chicago. She found a Dr. who specializes in implants and gum surgery, but Dr. Cabrera did not make the teeth. He referred me to Dr. Couret to make the teeth. And I’m happy that he did.

Dr. Couret is a good listener and I felt very comfortable immediately meeting him.

He and Dr. Cabrera coordinated my treatment and explained every step of the process.

Now I have my front teeth again and am able to chew my food confidently.It’s nice to be able to eat without worrying that my teeth are going to come out.

Thank you very much Dr. Couret and Dr. Cabrera for returning my smile.

Maria V.
Retired Factory Worker

shannon review
For years, Emilio and I, were talking about straightening my teeth. I would always find a reason not to move forward.

Then I began noticing one particular crooked tooth in the front of my smile. I particularly remember seeing it in a picture that I had taken. After that picture I remember thinking about that tooth all the time.

So I then made an appointment to get the teeth straightened with invisalign.

I am so happy that I moved forward with the invisalign.

My teeth are now nice and straight and I really love the way my smile looks.

Thanks Dr Emilio for helping me get straight teeth.

Thank you,

todd review
Embarrassed of Stains On Your Teeth?

Emilio was referred to me by a friend, and saw me on an emergency basis in September 2007. An old veneer on one of my front teeth cracked in half, and Emilio was able to repair it. I had those veneers since 1992. After Emilio repaired my broken veneer, I was still happy with my veneers. However, in 2014, I began to notice staining in between the veneers that wouldn’t come out at my regular cleanings. Also, I had issues because they were made thicker to hide excessive staining and the thickness would crack my lips during the dry months. While I mentioned it to Emilio at that time, there was no pressure from him to move forward with anything; he saw that they were still holding up after all those years and in pretty good shape. So in my opinion, he was waiting until I was ready to change. It wasn’t until I finally asked him in 2016, what was possible.

Another issue besides the staining on my teeth is that I had a chipped front tooth, the same one that the veneer had split. I had always been concerned about preserving as much natural teeth as possible, something Emilio was adamant about as well. He worked with the company that makes the veneers to solve the issue of the chipped tooth – essentially using that void as part of the veneer. They gave me a choice of shades of colors that would not only hide the staining, while making the veneer as thin as possible, but matching the natural color of my tooth.

There were no alterations to the structure of any of my teeth during the process, to my relief, and it resulted in what turned out to the best smile of my life. One would say that nobody really noticed the change, but that was exactly what I was after: to take the natural color of my teeth and blend the veneers in with them. Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of compliments on my smile!

Todd L. – Sales

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Ellie B.
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