Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

People with chronic, severe pain in a tooth most likely have damage to the root of the tooth. Without intervention, the tooth will continue to decay until it dies, and then the only option is to remove the tooth entirely. Ask any dentist and they will tell you it is always the best course of action to save the natural tooth, so we would recommend root canal therapy to our patient.

Root canals have always been the nightmare of many dental patients, and stories about the drill abound. At one time, there was truth to these stories, but, thankfully, technology and technique have teamed up to vastly reduce the discomfort our patients feel. Our procedure, executed by our amazing dental team causes no more pain than filling a cavity. Dr. Emilio Couret and his hygienists will shepherd you through the entire procedure to make sure you are comfortable and calm for the treatment, and will work hard to complete the process in as timely a manner as safely possible.

After the procedure is over, the tooth may be sore for a time, but this should fade relatively quickly. The pain that instigated the dental visit will disappear immediately once the necrotic tissue and dead tooth are removed. Dr. Couret will then fill the empty tooth with a special medicated material that will assist the tooth in remaining healthy and strong.

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