Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards
In the dental health industry, we are privy to some very interesting, and sometimes disturbing, statistics. For example, there are over five million teeth knocked out each year in the United States; most during the course of athletic competition. That most of these incidents are completely unnecessary is what makes this so disturbing and unfortunate. Dente Complete Dentistry has professional mouth guards that far outperform their store-bought competitors, and Dr. Emilio Couret will personally work with you to ensure maximum comfort and protection. We take our patients safety very seriously, so we highly recommend you get a mouth guard before putting your beautiful smile at risk!

Today, in the Chicago, Illinois area, many youth and recreational sports leagues require participants to wear a mouth guard. Not only will a mouth guard protect your smile, but in contact sports, like hockey and football, they also protect against concussions. Protecting oneself or one’s child during athletic competition is our paramount concern at Dente Complete Dentistry. Our dentist and his team would love to help you exercise and compete safely. We will work with you to accommodate any league regulations, and ensure the fit of your new mouth guard is as comfortable as possible. Contact our office today at (773) 292-1911.

Night Guards for Bruxism
Chronic teeth grinding, or bruxism, can be the cause of tightness in the jaw, unexplained headaches, and stiff/sore neck upon waking. Due to the fact that this grinding occurs during sleep, many affected people have no idea they suffer from this malady. Luckily, there is an effective treatment option available from Dente Complete Dentistry; the night guard. Night guards are an excellent, low-cost option that can reduce the probability of future tooth problems associated with long-term grinding.

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If you are in Chicago, Illinois and have questions about bruxism please give us a call at (773) 292-1911, and the team at Dente Complete Dentistry will help you find the perfect solution for your grinding problem!