Everyone wants to have a beautiful, straight smile, and, traditionally, dentists have used braces to straighten teeth. Yet, the brackets and wires also have a detrimental effect on confidence and hygiene. Well, times they are changing. The team and dentist at Dente Complete Dentistry are proud to offer Invisalign®, a smile-correcting system that is revolutionizing the way we straighten teeth!

Invisalign® consists of a series of custom-fit aligners made from a thin, clear plastic. The material is so thin and clear that the self-conscious feeling so frequently experienced by patients with traditional braces is virtually eliminated. The fact that there are no wires and brackets means the patient feels a great deal less discomfort, and because the aligner can be removed when eating and drinking the patient’s level of oral hygiene is easier to maintain. Invisalign® offers our patients all of the benefits of straightening without the drawbacks of traditional braces.

When a patient chooses Invisalign®, the process begins with an in-depth consultation with our dentist, Dr. Emilio Couret, and a thorough examination to determine the appropriate treatment schedule for you. Dente Complete Dentistry, our dentist and team, use a personalized approach to the Invisalign® treatment in order to achieve the best results. We will shepherd you through the process from the first day to the last, and do so with compassion, understanding, and a gentle hand.

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Services: We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments at Dente Complete Dentistry to help enhance the attractiveness of your smile. The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to provide you with an incredible smile that will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Dente Complete Dentistry, our dentist and dental team, invite you to call or come in if you have question about Invisalign® in the Chicago, Illinois area (773) 292-1911.