Bucktown Dentist Almost Pukes as He Cleans Fish Tank

bucktown dentist cleans fish tankA couple of months ago, we bought our son Finn a fish. He kept talking about how he wanted a pet. So we made a deal. I would get him a fish but he needed to feed him and clean his tank.

We bought the smallest tank we could possibly get so it was easy for him to care for and clean the tank.

Week one – he was great. He would religiously feed his fish in the morning and at night. He would carefully count out three food pellets just like the fish store told us.

That first week, he was also diligent about cleaning the tank. After week one, he has abandoned his fish duties. He sporadically remembers to feed his fish and he never cleans his tank. Mama, Dada and Finn split feeding duties. Sometimes, Finn gets mad if someone else feeds the fish because “he will think someone else is his dad.”

All fish tank cleaning duties have fallen on Dada.

When we first bought the tank, it only needed to be cleaned about every 3-4 weeks.

The tank is very simple. It has some rocks on the floor of the tank and it holds about 10 cups of water.

I wanted to extend the time between fish tank cleanings so I added more rocks at the bottom of the tank. My reasoning was more rocks then more surface area to capture all of the debris.

Adding the extra rocks did the opposite. It actually made the tank dirtier and stinkier much faster. Now my tank cleaning duties happen every week. If not, I can barely see the fish.

Definitely not the result I was expecting and looking for.

This week, I’m going to tweak the rocks and take out half of them.

This type of experimentation happens in dentistry.

Whenever we do 6 teeth or more at any one time, we first place the patients in temporary teeth prototypes. The prototypes are very affordable and allow us to make changes easily.

Our objective is to make changes in the prototypes to allow the patient to speak and chew efficiently without damaging the teeth.

Sometimes we may create beautiful looking teeth, but they may collide as we talk or chew. And if that does not get worked out before we get the permanent teeth, then there will be chips and fractures on your beautiful new teeth.

Once we get the patient to a point where the prototypes feel great and they are speaking and eating without any issues, we make a replica of the prototypes. The permanents are an exact replica of the prototypes.

This extra step does add a lot of time but it needs to be done to get a great result without any surprises.

If you are looking to enhance your smile and would like a consultation please call our office at 773-292-1911. Ask for Zhana or Katie to set up an appointment.

Floss like a madman!

Emilio “Nemo Stinks” Couret

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Vincent Anzalone
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